Welcome, friend, and thanks for getting this far. If you don’t know already, I’m Claire Reid, and this blog is about documenting my passion for making stuff. ‘Making stuff’ is a purposely vague description because living in boxes is no fun. Here, I document my latest creative compulsions and curiosities.

Previous explorations have taken me into the world of traditional crafts like soap-making and weaving, to modern techniques such as CNC and laser cutting, as well as the more usual painting, inking and printing. I hope that you enjoy reading about my journeys down various rabbit holes.

When I’m not up to my ears in metal filings and paint, I like binge watching Netflix, binge listening to podcasts, binge scrolling through Pinterest, yoga, coffee and writing (which is sort of still making). I’m also interested in modern art, storytelling and linguistics, popular science and psychology, environmental issues and politics.

My husband, Callum, and I live in the UK where we have both spend many years working for busy agencies in London and Brighton, but our latest adventure takes us on a nine month stint living in France to live healthier lives, enjoy more time together and work on our passion projects.

Thanks for visiting and leave me a comment or subscribe if you like what you read.