Me Made May: Ralph Pink O-Hara Harem pants sew-a-long

Once I had a pair of All Saints’ harem jeans. I thought they were desperately cool and, bonus, they were so. so. so. very. comfortable. So much so, I wore them on a first date with Mr Reid.

So, when I spotted the Ralph Pink O-Hara Harem pants pattern I had to make some as a kind of ode to the long lost jeans and for some chic-super-snugglesome loungewear (you can never have too much chic-super-snugglesome loungewear in your life).

I have a total sewing crush on Ralph Pink’s patterns. Just look at the website…it’s oozes smooth sophistication and high fashion, and the designer’s passion is clear. For example, I adore that alongside each pattern, Ralph gives notes about how to adapt to different sewing levels, fabric choices and styling ideas. There’s also some top quality freebees, including sewing blocks. Thank you, Mr Ralph.

Anyway, fangirl moment aside, back to the actual sewing: I picked a top quality black jersey that was nice and thick (as I was sewing these in autumn and it was a wee bit chilly) and magpie me found some lurex bronze ribbing (swoon) for the cuffing.

The instructions were a doddle. This must be the easiest pattern I’ve ever sewn, taking all of a few hours. I appreciate the design with gathers at the centre which is flatteringly, free from the hips, and the full length legs.

Doubtless, I will be making more of these…how about a grey wool-mix for winter? And, I would love to see a woven version of the pattern (thinking of recreating my electric blue silk harem pants which sadly got destroyed in a wash).

Now…the pictures (Sew-a-long after the jump).


Sew-a-long: Ralph Pink O-Hara Pants 

  1. Cut out the pieces – I used medium weight cotton jersey and a tubular lurex rib. (triple check the main stretch is the right way….going across the body…big mistakes were almost made!)

IMG_2829 (2)

2. Zig zag (my overlocker / serger is in storage, but this pattern is totally fine to zig zag your way through…just use a proper stretch needle and experiment to find the right zig zag size to preserve the stretch) the inside seams of both legs.

IMG_2832 (2)

3. Sew the centre front, down to the crotch and up to the centre back. I found it helpful to place the legs inside each other for this.

4. Zig zag the centre back of the waistband to create a circle, and then fold in half lengthways. Clear pic of the metallic loveliness of the ribbing, here.

IMG_2853 (2)

4. Stitch along the top between the marked points, then gather to front and back.

5. Now it’s coming together! Attach the waistband…lining the notched and stitching through all three layers.

6. Stitch the shortest ends of the leg cuffs to make circles, then fold in half lengthways as with the waistband.

7. Zig zag the cuffs to the leg holes.

8. Snip those loose threads…and you’re done! It’s Mc Hammer time! Doo do do do, can’t touch this!

(Apols for the slightly blurred photo…stitching late again).

IMG_2886 (2)

What is Me Made May?

I hear you, my non-sewing friends…what the hell is this Made May thing about….

This my first year and I’ve been wanting to take part for so loooong, but not had the time until recently with my travels to France.

Essentially it’s a whole month dedicated to sharing and wearing what you’ve made, whether by sewing, crochet, knitting, weaving…you name it. More detail here.

It’s inspiring to see what other’s have created, and I love celebrating the maker culture and being given a focus for my dressmaking among like-minds.

Check out the hashtag #MMMay18 to swoon over the latest makes.



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